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Wanted: Natural Part

Indian, and Pakistani women LOVE a natural part. For Wedding Festivities we tend to go with very long luxurious hair that can be styled in a myriad of beautiful ways. We custom design a center parting that looks like skin to showcase the Indian tikkas and Pakistani jhumars. Stunning! [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="medium" ids="524,525"]  
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August 2016 Newsletter

Business Man’s Cut, Ivy League, Pompadour, Undercut, Taper Fade, V-Cut, Skin Fade and Whitewall define men’s hairstyles today. Hair is an accessory with increasing numbers of men venturing into style and cut as a means of expression. However, balding men are limited as there is usually not enough hair to work with. A little supplementation…
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PRE-PAID Club Service You Don’t Use, Want or Need?

  • 22nd April 2016
Hair Supplementation, like any cosmetic enhancement, requires maintenance. However, our studio does not require you to pre-pay for service you may or may not need. There are no inflexible Levels of Membership as with other studios. We work with each client to fit their haircare schedule and budget. Some choose to prepay while others choose…
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Natural Restored Hairline

  • 2nd March 2016
A receding hairline often limits hairstyle options. However, today’s advanced technology in hair addition and supplementation can restore a natural hairline. With proper expert counsel and care, any contemporary hairstyle can be achieved. Here is a close-up of our most recent work. ------By the way, it is a one shot, unretouched photo taken with my…
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  • 2nd December 2015
I affectionately refer to the THERADOME LH80 PRO as the “magic hair machine” as it has the capability to create magical results. Clinical trials show Laser Phototherapy can over time, REVERSE HAIR LOSS, increase NEW HAIR GROWTH, and THICKEN the diameter of the hair shaft. This means fuller, more luxurious hair. An FDA approved device,…
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Hair Regrowth and Restoration Products

  • 7th November 2015
Every week I have a friend, family member, or acquaintance ask me for advice about their hair. Many are noticing excessive shedding or an overall thinning and shortening of the hair shaft. At first, they think it may be cyclical shedding and will improve. Sometimes it does. Other times, the hair condition worsens and my…
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Internet Hair? Make It Easier on Yourself and Visit Us First

  • 1st August 2015
Regularly, I receive phone calls from men and women who have decided to purchase hair on the internet and it is an expensive mess. Yes, you can order a certain color, material, size, and even a cut. The problem with internet ordering is that hair is not one size fits all. You cannot open a…
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