Self Confidence is Priceless

November 2014 Newsletter

Thanksgiving is upon us. It is a time for feasting and fellowship with friends and family, old and new. Maybe you will visit with family from faraway or break bread with someone you just met. If you are confident, this can be an exciting time.

Are you excited and ready for the season? Do you like the image in the mirror or are you worried that you look older than you feel? Do you wear a cap to every event or just avoid the event all together?

Hair loss should not dictate your lifestyle. Get rid of the bald spot and throw away your baseball cap. (I know you are tired of it already.) Our methods can instantly shed years off of your appearance and add polish to your look this Thanksgiving. It is time for you to join in the festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.

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Carrie DeLaRosa

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