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Internet Hair? Make It Easier on Yourself and Visit Us First

Regularly, I receive phone calls from men and women who have decided to purchase hair on the internet and it is an expensive mess. Yes, you can order a certain color, material, size, and even a cut. The problem with internet ordering is that hair is not one size fits all. You cannot open a box, tape on a hairpiece and walk out the door looking completely natural. Hair restoration takes time, skill, and expertise.

The process begins with our speaking to a prospective client on the phone or via email. We discuss wants, needs, and hair loss history. We offer an invitation to visit our salon for consultation.

In consultation, I see the client’s hair loss pattern, facial features and overall hair needs. Together we decide on the most natural, complementary look and style. We create a pattern together; deciding on hairline, recession, blend and fit. We choose color, length, grey, highlights, density, texture, and more. By the time he or she walks out of the consultation, I have everything assembled to order a potentially perfect head of hair. But, the process is not yet done.

Behind the scenes, we hand pick the factory that specializes in what this client needs. The hair is ordered and inspected upon arrival. Any necessary alterations are customized in house. This might be ventilating 5 gray hairs to a left temple or golden highlights around the hairline. When this is complete, we are still not finished. It is time to schedule the client’s hair supplementation appointment.

At appointment time, myself, the stylist, and the client collaborate as a team. We make any adjustments prior to cutting.

Finally, the hair is supplemented, cut, thinned, texturized and blended with the clients existing hair. When the stylist completes this part of the service, I revisit the client and check the overall look. Do we need less density, or a few more shades of highlights? Do I need to make some minor adjustments to the hairline or blend in the back a bit? After this final customization is executed, we are possibly done. The client looks beautiful and the hair supplementation is undetectable.

All of these steps take time. There is no way to look your best with an out of the box head of hair.

Hair loss can be devastating. For newcomers to hair supplementation, internet hair may appeal to embarrassment issues. The hair can be tried on in private. No one has to know. This, I understand. However, you will be disappointed and a bit poorer.

For others, mail order hair is an attempt to save money. This is not a good idea. By the time you pay for the ugly hair and have someone else try to fix the problems, it is not cheaper.

And the last group of purchasers are looking for the magic fix. They see amazing photos of hairlines on some websites and are sold on the advertising. The models in those photos did not get their hair out of a box. They had professionals customizing and perfecting the process.

I have made some wonderful clients from internet/mail order hair. They call me in a panic because they have glued on some awful “hair hat”, gone to a friend of a friend for the hair cut and now look ridiculous. So, they call our salon and need urgent care. We invite them into a discreet, professional, competent atmosphere and make a new family member in the process.


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