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I affectionately refer to the THERADOME LH80 PRO as the “magic hair machine” as it has the capability to create magical results. Clinical trials show Laser Phototherapy can over time, REVERSE HAIR LOSS, increase NEW HAIR GROWTH, and THICKEN the diameter of the hair shaft. This means fuller, more luxurious hair.

An FDA approved device, Theradome offers portable, hands free, clinical strength Laser Phototherapy-LPT. Within a 20 minute treatment, laser light deeply penetrates the scalp to reach the base of the hair follicles. The result is revitalized cellular activity within the scalp and hair follicle. 98% of individuals that complied with clinical testing protocols experienced beneficial results.

Theradome is an affordable tool for individuals suffering from hair loss and shedding. Considering the average cost of hair loss treatment over 10 years is $4800 for Monoxidil and $9000 for Finasteride, Theradome is a bargain at $895. And, for the month of DECEMBER, we are offering new clients 20% off coupon for Theradome and Biomedic Products.

With twenty minute sessions twice per week you can begin to restore a full head of healthy hair. In about 1-3 months, repair begins. At 2-4 months, you should see healthy hair and at 4-6 months even healthier hair. Growth typically happens at 6-9 months. After 9 months, maintenance sessions are required.

If you are miserable with your hair loss, contact me. I will customize a comprehensive scalp treatment program to rejuvenate the health of your scalp and hair. Don’t waste your money on expensive miracle shampoo advertised on the radio. Theradome sessions are proven and combined with our Biomedic Product line, you should experience optimal result.

Theradome offers impressive outcome with minimum time or monetary requirement… I call that MAGIC.

Carrie Prichard Delarosa


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