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Customization of Hand Tied Human Hair Full Wigs or Full Cranial Prosthesis

One of the specialty services we provide, is the customization of hand tied human hair full wigs or full cranial prosthesis. A process I assumed was readily available through other hair replacement centers in the South. In seeking this process for a friend in a neighboring state, I realized that it is indeed a specialty. I could find no one with the skill set to help her. Everyone I spoke to offered ‘one size fits all’ hair—wiggy hair. This is not at all what my sweet friend wants or needs. She wants her hair back. Hair that looks like her and makes her feel like herself again. Although physically unwell, she will return to Texas for our help.

For her, the process will be quick and easy. For us, the customization can take minutes or hours depending on needs. It begins with a gorgeous human hair wig that is altered to fit the client like a second skin. After this fitting, our ventilator and/or stylist adds lowlights, highlights, gray hair, henna, texture, curl, etc. Once the hair is ready, the client is scheduled with one of our expert technicians for the cutting and styling.

Through our teamwork and extensive knowledge, we recreate the hair that was lost. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’.

The beautiful wig pictured above is waiting to be customized. I love it because it has such natural hair color variation. The roots are shadowed and the color is melted. It is gorgeous even before it is transformed.

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