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About Us

Rickie Prichard and Carrie Prichard DeLaRosa

Hair Replacement by Eddie Prichard, Inc. is a family owned and operated hair restoration business. Founded by renowned husband and wife team Eddie and Rickie Prichard in 1976, their goal over the decades has been to help clients in the greater Houston metropolitan area and all over the world achieve an improved appearance.

Hair Replacement by Eddie Prichard Family Legacy

After Eddie passed away, Rickie and her daughter Carrie Prichard DeLaRosa continued the legacy as a mother and daughter team. Under their constant care and attention to their clientele, Hair Replacement by Eddie Prichard, Inc. is among the most highly successful studios in Houston, TX.

Both Rickie and Carrie have decades of expertise in the hair replacement industry. Their prospective clients are comfortable sharing cosmetic fears and insecurities, and trust is earned through dialogue and private consultations. Client loyalty is a hallmark of our business, and our clients become friends for life.

Irreversible Hair Loss

Have you often wondered what you would look like with more hair? We offer instant gratification with hair replacement solutions that will have you looking and feeling your best! There’s nothing to lose, and every thing to gain. Rickie and Carrie are specialists in formulating hair restoration plans for men, women and children. The goal is to guide the client to an improved appearance and more positive self image — a child with hair loss, woman with thinning hair, and men with male pattern baldness.

Hair Replacement by Eddie Prichard specializes non-surgical hair replacement with surgical and cell therapy options as well. Our clientele consists of men, women, and children of every age, ethnicity, and income group. The only common denominator is hair loss and balding that cannot be reversed.

Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Most of our clients suffer from male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Prospective clients come to us because they want to like what they see in the mirror. They want to be more attractive and are tired of “creative” hair styles that cover the bald spot. They are tired of “spray on” color to obscure the bald spots. They are tired of constantly wearing a baseball cap. Women no longer want to wear a hot, scratchy full wig over their thinning hair.

We consult and offer solutions. Our method gives clients hair like they once had — washable, stylable hair that liberates them from the constraints of hair loss. With our signature method, men and women can resume the activities they once enjoyed… and let their hair blow in the wind.

Services by Hair Replacement by Eddie Prichard

It is gratifying to help Houston area men, women and children improve their look as well as their self-esteem. See our Services page for detailed information on transformational hair replacement options.

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