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  • 2nd December 2015
I affectionately refer to the THERADOME LH80 PRO as the “magic hair machine” as it has the capability to create magical results. Clinical trials show Laser Phototherapy can over time, REVERSE HAIR LOSS, increase NEW HAIR GROWTH, and THICKEN the diameter of the hair shaft. This means fuller, more luxurious hair. An FDA approved device,…
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Hair Regrowth and Restoration Products

  • 7th November 2015
Every week I have a friend, family member, or acquaintance ask me for advice about their hair. Many are noticing excessive shedding or an overall thinning and shortening of the hair shaft. At first, they think it may be cyclical shedding and will improve. Sometimes it does. Other times, the hair condition worsens and my…
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Internet Hair? Make It Easier on Yourself and Visit Us First

  • 1st August 2015
Regularly, I receive phone calls from men and women who have decided to purchase hair on the internet and it is an expensive mess. Yes, you can order a certain color, material, size, and even a cut. The problem with internet ordering is that hair is not one size fits all. You cannot open a…
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Bald is Beautiful, if you like it. Otherwise, it is a problem.

  • 9th April 2015
Many beautiful bald men, women, and children have walked through our doors. However, what I find beautiful in others, may not be what they behold in the mirror. Few people feel comfortable with hair loss. Through the years, I have assisted with the following: spirit filled charismatic preachers of nationally known congregations, enigmatic public speakers…
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December 2014 Newsletter

  • 21st December 2014
The holiday season is in full swing! Colleagues, friends and family gather to dance and celebrate the season. We groom and polish, blowout and shine, knowing photo-ops abound. Images and antics are posted on company websites, Facebook and Instagram. If you are joyfully photo-ready, we wish you the Merriest Posting Season! Or, if you need…
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November 2014 Newsletter

  • 7th November 2014
Thanksgiving is upon us. It is a time for feasting and fellowship with friends and family, old and new. Maybe you will visit with family from faraway or break bread with someone you just met. If you are confident, this can be an exciting time. Are you excited and ready for the season? Do you…
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October 2014 Newsletter

  • 13th October 2014
New Friends, Fall is here with festivals in the park, football and friends. The cooler Texas weather entices us to spend our time outdoors enjoying each other. Are you ready to feel the wind in your hair? Or, are you afraid that your thinning or balding area will be exposed? If hair loss is negatively…
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August 2014 Newsletter

  • 29th August 2014
Dear Friends, We are happy to announce that Anett has returned to work. She is better than ever! Graciously, she has agreed to oversee daily service of our clientele. Please congratulate her on her new position as Service Manager! She will work collectively with the stylists, the clients, and ourselves to ensure the very best…
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