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BioMedic’s hair loss treatment formulas have been specifically designed to target the factors that affect hair loss and work best for clients in the early stages of hair loss. By combining these with BioMedic supplements, you can control your hair loss and stimulate thicker hair regrowth.

Topical hair loss treatments work great for patients who have begun noticing their hair thinning. BioMedic’s Topical Hair Loss formulas and supplements are scientifically-proven methods of minimizing hair loss and stimulating new hair development. Although it sometimes takes up to six months of consistent treatment before visible results are achieved, a variety of patients have experience an improvement after just one month of therapy.

theradome20x2Theradome™ Laser Helmet

The First and Only FDA OTC Cleared Clinical Strength Laser Hair Therapy for Home Use

Laser hair growth treatment that works; hair loss affects 80,000,000 people in the US alone, and over 1,500,000,000 people globally. Forty percent of them are women who find the condition emotionally distressing and tougher to cure than male pattern baldness. Yet we found that almost every treatment on the market was aimed at males, specialist clinics were prohibitively expensive, and many women simply didn’t have any viable options.

The Theradome™ is the first and only FDA OTC cleared, wearable clinical strength laser treatment that has a proven triple action:

  1. Grows new, healthy hair.
  2. Doubles the follicle size of existing hair.
  3. Slows down and stops hair loss.

The key to treating hair loss is lasers, but all lasers are not created equal. We use specially developed, high efficiency lasers that allow us to deliver the maximum amount of light and cover 582 cm2 of the 720 cm2 total scalp area in the average human head.   We don’t want to bore you with numbers, but with over 440 Joules per treatment and an optimised wavelength of 678 +/-8nm, each of the 80 lasers is precisely tailored for maximum hair growth.

Scientifically speaking, Theradome™ lasers reverse the miniaturization of follicles.  Follicles return to their normal healthy state after being exposed to our special lasers.  Reversing miniaturization is the first step to getting your hair back, by stopping any further loss after the first 18-26 weeks of treatments. The next stage is re-growing your hair.  Theradome™ also grows hair after around 28-52 weeks  Theradome™ tackles the three critical areas needed to beat hair loss:

  1. Increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
  2. Stimulates microcirculation, improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis.
  3. Reduces the effects of protein blocking enzymes, promoting thickness and density.

Cool laser treatments have been clinically proven to increase blood flow to the scalp and reduce scalp inflammation, both of which contribute to hair growth and overall scalp health. Up until now though, you could only get a true cold laser treatment through a visit to a hair restoration clinic. Through advancements in laser technology pioneered by Theradome™, the same power and proven results are now available in your home.  We’re all busy in the modern world, so we designed Theradome™ so you only need 20 minutes per treatment, twice a week. So getting your hair back is a convenient and affordable process.

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