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You can definitely have hair again. How much or how little is determined by the method you choose.

Our Clients

The majority of our clients are looking for a way to cosmetically alter their appearance. Perhaps they have tried lasers, Rogaine, extensions or weaves and are unhappy with the results. Perhaps they do not like their current hair replacement facility or may have moved from another city and need a new provider.

We want you to have a positive experience with us. There is definitely a solution and technique for you. We earn our client’s trust one complimentary, compassionate consultation at a time — males and females of all ages, ethnicities and incomes. The goal is to help each individual client achieve his or her ideal look.

You will leave us feeling confident and self-assured. When you are happy with your appearance, it makes a huge impact on your personal and professional life.

Surgical Hair Restoration for Men, Women and Children

We do offer consultations for surgical hair restoration, grafting and transplantation. With surgical hair restoration, there can be limits. Not everyone is a good candidate. Some individual’s donor hair is not sufficient or their cause of hair loss does not allow them to have surgery. Additionally, some people with an abundance of donor hair and very little hair loss can make great surgical candidates.

At times our clients rely on both non-surgical techniques and surgical techniques, which can be used together. The consultants at Hair Replacement By Eddie Prichard, Inc. will assist you in determining which method is best for you.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Most of our clients are not candidates for surgical procedures. They simply do not have enough donor hair to fill in the bald areas. Our non-surgical hair restoration process is highly specialized to meet the needs of our prospective clients. Perhaps they are unhappy with their balding and thinning hair and want to improve their self image, self esteem, mood, activities, job, socialization. We can guide them and help them transform. Hair Replacement takes an average of seven years off a client’s appearance!

Our clients look to us for a way to have a natural looking head of hair that they can treat like their own growing hair. When we replace your hair non-surgically, there is no limit to how much or how little hair that we add with your own. For individuals whose frontal hairline has receded, we can recreate a very natural front hairline that can be combed in any direction. There are no limitations on style or length.

Signature Hair Replacement Technique

The majority of our clients come to us for our signature hair replacement technique, which is achieved by replicating the client’s head, then blending individual strands of hair in a variety of colors and textures to create hair that is like their own. After the hair is added, a technician will cut and blend it. The result is an undetectable hair addition that simplifies and enhances your every day life.

The hair style, amount of hair and recession/hairline are all customized to meet the client’s needs. Our older male clients prefer a natural-looking recession and very little hair. Our younger women want volume. After the hairstyle is achieved, the client walks out with hair that they treat like natural growing hair. They wash and condition every day in the shower, blow dry, flat iron, curl, swim etc.

Our service provides INSTANT gratification and our clients can be transformed in an hour.

Hair Replacement Maintenance

Instead of visiting a regular barber or stylist, clients come directly to us for expert haircuts, styling and maintenance.

Full Wigs

We offer full wigs for people who have total hair loss or are going through chemotherapy. Our mission is to help them look like the person they were before the illness or loss.

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