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The Facts

Hair Loss in Men and Women

Balding and hair loss affects not only men, but women as well. Over 20 million women and 40 million men suffer from various forms of hair loss. Some inherit a genetic predisposition to lose their hair. Others suffer from traction alopecia, alopecia totalis, or alopecia areata.

There is female pattern baldness,  male pattern baldness and hair loss caused from the use of certain medications. Many women experience diffuse thinning all over rather than balding in a specific area, while most men see recession in the hairline or crown.

Regardless of which type of hair loss affects you, we can find a solution.

• All ages
• All ethnicities
• All lifestyles
• All budgets

We can give you a thicker and more beautiful head of hair. This can be done gradually or all at once, depending on your needs. We will take into consideration your age and lifestyle. For you, we will achieve a natural look that will only enhance your appearance and make your life easier.

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