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Every week I have a friend, family member, or acquaintance ask me for advice about their hair. Many are noticing excessive shedding or an overall thinning and shortening of the hair shaft. At first, they think it may be cyclical shedding and will improve. Sometimes it does. Other times, the hair condition worsens and my friend becomes distressed and obsessed with each glance at the mirror or shower drain.

As a society, we know that balding should not matter. It is of no importance and should not shape our view of an individual. But, do we practice what we know? Studies show that we do not.

We are drawn to externally beautiful people. We like to look at them, and have a tendency to be influenced by their beauty. Babies will smile and gaze upon photos of beautiful people more often and longer than the photos of others. Why? Because biologically the qualities of beauty are based on attractiveness. And we are attracted to attributes that exude youth, health and vitality. Full hair, straight white teeth, clear firm skin, bright eyes and physically fit bodies are all signs of health. Deeply imbedded in our biological roots we are looking to survive and keep the species alive. We practice a selection to improve our chances. Naturally, we want to be attractive to others.

As a society, we verbalize external beauty does not matter. As individuals, we may agree in theory. However, bad teeth, blemishes, sagging skin, unshapely bodies and balding negatively affect the way we feel about ourselves. We proactively whiten our smile, resurface our skin, and hire a trainer or plastic surgeon. Yet, when it comes to balding, we yearn for change but hesitate.

Many of the same individuals ask me repeatedly what to do about their hair loss. They are unhappy but are reticent to take the steps necessary to change. Nothing works unless you utilize it.

We are here to help you with every stage of hair loss. Utilize our healthy treatment regimens and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

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